Solitaire Rose Radio 74: Bill Schelly’s Sense of Wonder

Bill Schelly was one of the founders of 60’s fandom with his various fanzines, the most known of which was Sense of Wonder, which is the title of his new book: Sense of Wonder: My Life in Comic Fandom – The Whole Story

Cory!! chats will Bill about his new version of the book, which was originally printed by TwoMorrows that ended with his leaving comics fandom. This version continues his story, has been rewritten and tells the whole story of his life from his own point of view.

They discuss the origins of the 60’s fanzines, why they didn’t have a lot of fan fiction back then, the different fanzines he created, printing processes for fans in the 60’s, his return to comics in the 80’s, and how he has become an author of comics history and biography.

You can order Sense of Wonder: My Life In Comics Fandom: The Whole Story at his website:  Bill


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