Kray Z Comics and Stories 392: Decluttering Kray

This show was recorded during the height of the Polar Vortex! So, Joe and Cory!! hunkered down to record a podcast and talk about comics.

They discuss the layoffs at DC comics, and Cory!! and Joe discuss the memo that was sent to employees after the layoffs occurred. They also discuss why these changes may have happened and what DC will do going forward.

They also discuss tidying up their collections. What are they willing to get rid of, what won’t they get rid of, what brings them joy and, what is Cory!!’s plan with his collection of crap!

-What Cory!! enjoys about his collection vs what Joe enjoys about his collection

-Why Joe buys more stuff when he’s also purging his collections

-Why does Cory!! keep his DVDs

-Getting rid of unitaskers

-Can you find what you need in your collection when you want it?

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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