Kray Z Comics and Stories 411: June Previews

One of the things comics readers get every month is a huge catalog of the comics they can ordfer, called Previews. Every month, Cory!! and Joe go through it to point out what is new and interesting. This is the episode where they do that for this month!!! Because of that, it’s super-sized AND they talk about other stuff, such as:

  • What character did Marvel LOSE the copyright for?
  • Why Cory!! still buys comics by Neal Adams
  • Joe gives Marvel a horrible idea
  • How is the new Ghost Spider comic gonna get things weird with Spider-Man
  • Why is Marvel publishing a Monsters comic and how did Scott Lobdell get into comics foir the same reason
  • How Trump’s tariffs may raise the cost of your comics

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!!


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