Kray Z Comics and Stories 417: Fantastic Fourcast

Last week, Joe dragged Cory!! to a convention, this week, he dragged him to downstate Minnesota, so this week, they have been hit by the Dreaded Deadline Doom! Normally there is a fill-in episode ready to go, but instead, this is a rebroadcast of another podcast Cory!! does.

The Fanstastic Fourcast had a single episode WAY back at the beginning of the year, but it’s about to fire up again with new episodes, so here is an introduction to the show!!

It’s a podcast 57 years in the making! It’s.. The Fantastic Fourcast! Face front, True Believers, because hosts Cory Strode (yes, he’s on another one) & Adam Vermillion (yeah, that pizza & comics guy) are here to take you on a monthly journey that ranges from Central City to the Negative Zone to Latveria (and maybe Counter Earth) and back.

Every 30 days the guys will talk about four issues of Marvel’s First Family! Cory’s a long time reader and font of knowledge. Adam… is not. At least not about the FF.

The podcast is at

Adam is over at


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