Kray Z Comics and Stories 420: August Previews

What a waste. It’s episode 420, and Joe and Cory!! could have talked abut the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, the infamous time Marvel creators got high, wandered around New York and plotted comics, the ways that comics have screwed up depicting drug use over the years, or that time Cory!! got real high and read Crisis on Infinite Earths and freaked out for weeks whenever the sun set and the skies were red.

Instead, they BLOW the opportunity and go through the latest Previews catalog, explaining the books they are buying or they find interesting! They also discuss:

The new way DC is selling their 100 page giants

Cory!! thinks IDW is DC for a moment. Maybe he was high?

Joe describes the coolest scene in Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman.

Someone is publishing unauthorized Conan comics.

We’ve also go Freaking and Geeking, Joe’s eBay, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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