Kray Z Comics and Stories 428: Kray Goes MAD

This Wednesday, the last issue of MAD Magazine with all new content will be released, so as this event occurs, Cory!! and Joe are here to help you understand why this is so important as well as dig into the history of the magazine, and their person history with MAD. They also discuss:

  • What was the last and first issues of MAD Joe and Cory!! have bought
  • They discuss their favorite parodies by Mort Drucker and artists influenced by Drucker
  • How did MAD come about?
  • Why did MAD switch from being a comic to a magazine?
  • When did MAD go Ad-free?
  • Why was Al Feldstein the highest paid editor in the world?
  • How MAD fought all the way to the Supreme Court for the right to parody.
  • How did William Gaines run MAD, and how did it end up being won by Warner’s?
  • Stories about the beginning of the MAD Trips
  • What is the story of “Mad’s Up The Academy.”
  • Why are they going reprint only with MAD?

All of this, the usual shenanigans, Joe forgets that Cory!! asked him about his eBay stuff and gets pissy about it, and much, much more!


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