Kray Z Comics and Stories 435: Holiday Geek Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, much like a scratchy blanket, so we have decided to give you ideas of things to give to the geeky and non-geeky people in your life. Joe and Cory!! go over all sorts of ideas, but they need more suggestions. So, we invited Dangerous Dan Mohr of the Holiday Geek Expo to join in the fun as we discuss things to give people as gifts from your geeky little heart. And, if it does grow three sizes, go the doctor, an enlarged heart can kill you!

They also discuss:

  • The resolution of last week’s cliffhanger
  • How to screw up a recording on Skype
  • What comics fans and cats have in common
  • What to get comics fans for Christmas
  • What is the best selling comic now?
  • Thanos. In a Christmas sweater.
  • Where does Dan buy his shoes? Sexworld.
  • Why will Dan need a panic room?

Dan’s Holiday Geek Expo in St Paul MN is here:

The charities we are promoting for our advertising this year:


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