Kray Z Comics and Stories 449: Tommie Commie Con

Joe starts by answering a famous questionnaire that may tell you more about him, if he stay on topic. This leads to Joe talking about what he did while his beloved wife was out of town.

-Joe gives his idea for a new kind of comic shop

-Joe went to a small convention called Tommicon run by Tom Nguyen, and goes over the books he picked up at the show from creators who tabled

-Joe also discusses why he may not be able to take vacation and go to other conventions

-We get a Ask the Strode and Does Joe Know?

-Buying back issues that people don’t know have gone up massively in price

-Cory uses WCW to explain how corporations handle things when they take over a company and how it may affect DC Comics

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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