Kray Z Comics and Stories 456: April/May Previews

Normally, Cory!! and Joe go over what is in Previews every month. They discuss the new series, collections and oddities to help you make your order. However, everything is up in the air. Shops are closed, Diamond is closed, orders aren’t due yet, and we still don’t know when comics will be available again.

So,. It’s the monthly Previews episode with lots of extra comics discussion and background on the stuff in the monthly catalog, extra shenanigans and an episode that clocks in after over TWO AND A HALF HOURS! They discuss previews, and things like:

Cory!! and Joe go over the current state of comics distribution

Cory!! says something bad about an EC comic. YES, HE DID!!! How DARE he?

The show gives investment advice!

Why Cory!! turned on John Byrne’s Superman

Joe wins a trivia challenge!

How is the art in the Spider-Man Annual where he married Mary Jane?

AND, cooking suggestions?

All of this, the usual shenanigans, over an HOUR of extra comics discussion for a truly super-sized episode!


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