Kray Z Comics and Stories 463: DC Leaves Diamond!

If things in comics weren’t messy enough, DC announced last week that they will no longer be using Diamond as their broker to comics shops, breaking an exclusive agreement that has lasted for 25 years, and a normal distribution agreement that goes back to the founding of Diamond Distribution! Cory!! ad Joe are here to break it all down, give historical perspective and ask questions about what will happen in the future

Joe tells the story of what it was like when Marvel went exclusive with Heroes World, which caused the great exclusivity war of the mid 90’s and gave us Diamond as the only comics distributor until this year.

They also discuss:

The perspective of the owner of Mind’s Eye Comics:

Cory!! goes into detail on the history of comics distribution for a bit

Joe goes through how this will affect shops and their financials

Advice for comic shops dealing with this

How will this affect comics fans?

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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