Kray Z Comics and Stories 484: November Reviews

Cory!! and Joe have been reading comics, because that’s what this here podcast is all about. So, this week, they go over the comics they have been reading and advise if you should Buy, Borrow, Or Ignore!

The comics they review are:

  • Spider-Man II – Marvel
  • Luthor – DC Black Label
  • Cerebus #1 – What the what?
  • Watchmen Companion – DC Black Label
  • Department of Truth 1 and 2 – Image
  • Joe goes over Beatles Comics
  • Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Too Long A Sacrifice 1 & 2 – IDW
  • Unsacred – Ablaze Press
  • X of Swords – Marvel

They also discuss:

  • This was recorded before the US election, so Joe and Cory!! let us know what their voting plan was.
  • How did Joe and Cory!! spend Halloween
  • Hammer films!
  • The story of why Dave Sim didn’t care when Cerebus #1 was counterfeited.

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!

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