Solitaire Rose Radio 76: Badgering Mike Baron

Mike Baron has been a comic book writer, novelist, an Eisner winner, an Inkpot winner, and a previous guest here on the old podcast, and he and Cory sat down to chat about what he’s been up to. We talk about moving from comics to novels, self-publishing, writing classes, and his new kickstarter that will move his comic character The Badger to the world of novels. The Badger is the story of a man with multiple personality disorder, one of which is a costumed crime fighter, and his partner, Ham, a 6th Century druid.

Action and hilarity ensue.

It’s a wide ranging conversation! Don’t ask, just download and listen!

Lots O Links!

Badger: The Novel Kickstarter

Nexus: Monster Hunt Let’s Get Kraken

Florida Man Graphic Novel:

Mike Baron’s novels on Amazon:

And if you want to listen to our FIRST conversation, you can do that here!


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