Kray Z Comics and Stories 498: February Previews

It’s time for Cory!! and Joe to go through the Catalog of upcoming comics known as Previews! This time, it is for comics that start to come out in April of 2021. And yes, it’s called February because you need to order them by the end of February.

They highlight new series, hardcovers, trade paperbacks and other things that are NEW that they are either getting or are interested in, or want to point out to listeners. They also discuss:

  • It’s cold. Damn cold. Antarctica cold.
  • How to create boiling hot mist. Safely.
  • The Trial of the Flash
  • Marvel is not putting out any True Believers or Facsimile editions.+
  • Boom! is making a big mistake with their Magic: The Gathering comics
  • Cory!!’s “hanging at the home” is in freaking, so…yeah.

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