Kray Z Comics and Stories 85: Half a Bee

It’s an ALL NEW Episode filled with  lots and lots of comic discussion.  What kind of discussion?  Glad you asked!

  • Sad news from Joe the creator of Arsenic Lullaby may have to hang up cartooning
  • Joe and Cory discuss if indy creators can make a living working in comics
  • Sad news from Cory, the cancellation of Avengers Academy
  • Joe and Cory then talk about where comics are stocked in a store, Todd McFarlane complaining about small press comics and other sales discussion!
  • Giving out comics on Halloween
  • The Fables Convention
  • The creative shakeups at WWE, Ring of Honor and Marvel
  • Joe and Cory talk about their biggest mistakes they made while working at comic shops
  • Geeking and Freaking we do Joe’s geeking…and then we end the episode…the episode was overlong so we’ve cut it in two!

All of this plus the usual shenanigans and silliness and well as catchy theme music!


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