Kray Z Comics and Stories 551: Previews March 2022

It is time for the monthly trip through upcoming comics as Joe and Cory!! go through Previews, the monthly magazine of upcoming comics. They go through the catalog to point out the NEW series, trade paperback and collections they are either buying or thinking you would be interested in. These episodes are usually longer than normal, but this month’s is HUGE with Joe excited about his upcoming vacation and Cory!! being filled to the brim with pointless comic book history.

They also discuss:

  • Joe and Cory!! want a special cover for a comic for the podcast!
  • Cory!! is the one who drags the show off onto tangents about comics history and other stuff
  • Wait, Wolverine’s comic was almost canceled in 1990?
  • Why DC’s 52 series was one of the last great things DC did in Cory!!’s mind.
  • The backstory of why Captain America 300 was changed at the last minute
  • Memories of crappy knockoff toys as a child.

All of this, three times the shenanigans, and much, much more!!


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