Kray Z Comics and Stories 22: Sandy Eggo Wrap-up

We start by talking about Cory’s birthday, which leads into Joe discussing his shop’s history with ECW back in the 90’s. We then find out that we have Sad News about Atlas and get into what Joe and Cory!! have been reading lately. We then get into the main part of the podcast – going over the big news from San Diego that we are excited about, Including:

-The change in format for Amazing Spider-Man (where Joe tells a story about Mark Waid calling his shop)

-Mark Waid’s Captain America mini-series

-Geoff Johns said he’ll stay on Green Lantern until he retires

-We then digress into Stan Lee’s new TV series

-Image announced that they will be reprinting Chinese graphic novels

-Crossgen at Marvel (which leads into a discussion of the old Gold Key Star Trek comics)

-Joss Whedon directing the Avengers

-Rocket Racoon and Groot mini-series

-Grant Morrison’s Batman run gets discussed which led into a discussion of Jason Todd being knocked off by DC that tangents off into the Death of Superman and Cory explains how Wolverine can be in 15 comics a month.


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