Kray Z Comics and Stories 124: Sky Hobos

It’s COLD outside, so it’s a good day to stay inside, read comics and listen to a podcast about comics. Joe and Cory!! talk about:

  • Joe had a Box Day! Good luck prying out of him what comic books showed up in his box from the comic shop…
  • Cory and Joe debate the ending of Infinity
  • Where is Joe being sent by the TSA for Giftmas?
  • What is Joe taking to this secret location to read?
  • Tales from the shop – what is it like in the shop when it gets below zero
  • How comic retailers view Black Friday and sales
  • Why Image started pulling in a bunch of Indy book back in 1995-1996
  • Freaking and Geeking
  • The people you meet on long bus trips

All of this and the proverbial much much more!


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