Kray Z Comics and Stories 146: Kray and Fox and Friends

Cory was out of town last weekend, so no podcast last week…so they make up for it this week! Cory discusses what happened when he went home to Central Illinois and Joe talks about what he did while Cory was gone. Joe visits a new bookstore while Cory gets his hands on Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips… Oh, and they DO talk about funny books, as well as:

  • Joe’s wife has won an award, despite being married to Joe!
  • Cory asks Joe about direct sales reps with Marvel and DC, and tales of sales conferences
  • More tales of Shinder’s
  • The questions and issues Joe had with DC and Marvel when they talked sales
  • Dealing with trying to get Marvel and DC to help with TV ads for comic shops
  • What small press publisher do to try to boost their sales in comic shops
  • Having the Diamond Comics Distribution rep drop by the shop and watch TV with us
  • Freaking and Geeking

And, as always, much, much more!


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