Kray Z Comics and Stories 151: Stupid Sexy Flanders

150 is over, and you’d think Cory!! and Joe would take a break, but you would be WRONG! They start up chatting about San Diego Comic Con, Batman day, and Barnes and Noble bribing comic book fans to come in their stores! They also discuss:

  • Cory’s film geekery shows up as he talks about the new version of Metropolis
  • Joe talks gangster movies
  • Cory talks Marvel Star Wars comics
  • John Carter Warlord of Mars Omnibuses. Omnibi? Omnibuseseseses?  I don’t know.  Those big damn books Marvel makes.
  • Lots of TV talk because Cory and Joe love the TV shows
  • Comic book media crossing over so that you can actually get from Charlie Chaplin to Futurama through comic book crossovers.
  • Cory and Joe discuss a memo from Marvel where Marvel nearly got the rights to publish DC’s comics back in the 80’s and what THEY would do.
  • Geeking and Freaking

All of this, the proverbial much, much more and the usual shenanigans!


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