Kray Z Comics and Stories 161: eBay Byrne Victims

Joe begins the episode talking about his stuff on eBay as he is trying to get rid of his vast accumulation of crap! Now, it doesn’t just mean he’s using this here podcast to shill endlessly, he and Cory!! talk about the comics and such with what they know about the comics, shop stories of when Joe had it or whatever else dropping into the brains. They discuss:

  • Linsner’s Dawn series
  • Night of the Living Dead in comics…and you know how much of a George Romero fanboy Cory!! is
  • Chris Claremont and John Byrne’s work together
  • Chromium comics!
  • The Comic Warrior (a comic about a Twin Cities Comic Book dealer)
  • Cory has a “Hangin’ at the Home” story
  • Freaking and Geeking
  • A history lesson on the movie Heaven’s Gate

Plus, the usual silliness, shenanigans and much, much more!


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