Kray Z Comics and Stories 183: Kray, Kray The Dancing Machine

Joe and Cory start this week’s episode by going over the current comics controversies like the infamous Batgirl cover, Spider-Woman’s costume change, and other things the internet has been all upset about. They also discuss:

  • Marvel and DC positioning their books for new readers
  • Why publishers and artists need to learn when to listen to the internet and when to not care
  • Why characters change when they start a new series
  • Joe fills us in on what’s going on with his TSA job
  • Convention news!!
  • The latest horrific fast food concoctions
  • DC is giving big discounts on their new series when Convergence is over, so Cory and Joe discuss how things like that affected his orders
  • Cory read a complete run on The Walking Dead, and they discuss complete runs they have enjoyed
  • The latest Comic Minute Joe does for some OTHER podcast (Amish Baby Machine)
  • Freaking and geeking
  • A tribute to Gene, Gene, the Dancing Machine
  • And a special, POST CREDIT look at this year’s WrestleMania!

A extra long show, all of this, the usual shenanigans and as always, Much Much more!


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