Kray Z Comics and Stories 188: AWKray

We start the show with dick jokes, a discussion or Taco Bell Fritos shells and what to do with your ashes to make your loved ones happy…in a way, so it’s a typical beginning to this here Comic Book Podcast! They discuss:

  • The Jared Leto Joker picture
  • Cory being a Nutritional Anthropologist
  • Cory’s new job and how it was like walking into 1997
  • Reading comics month to month or “binge reading” in trades or large stacks of comics.
  • Hickman’s Avengers run
  • They discuss how they changes how the readers see cliffhangers, so Joe and Cory discuss their favorite cliffhangers in comics!
  • Turning trade readers into monthly readers
  • Odd, obscure DVD companies
  • Memories of Verne Gagne on the occasion of his passing.
  • Freaking and Geeking

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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