Kray Z Comics and Stories 195: Deep Fried Wiener Balls

The theme of the episode is supposed to be Comic Book Characters who get replacements, and eventually Joe and Cory!! get around to discussing it. They are joined by artist and Special Guest Star Jin Wicked. Along with the theme, they discuss:

  • The new Pizza Hut pizza with wieners in it as well as the Hardee’s hamburger with a wiener on it. WHAT IS UP WITH ALL OF THE WIENERS?!?
  • The horrifying food at the Minnesota State Fair
  • They review the preview copy of Badger #1 (it’s also the first installment of the segment Jin Hates Comics)
  • Mad Max Fury Road. Go see it!
  • A short history of how Monty Python’s Life of Brian got funding
  • Hero replacements! 30 minutes into the show, we finally get to the theme of the damn show.
  • What comics Fonzie would recommend back when Joe owned his shop
  • What character replacements worked and what ones didn’t
  • What did we learn? Jin hates comics, Jin doesn’t like animated dinosaurs, Jin likes cars exploding.
  • Jurassic World? DINOSAUR TALK!!
  • Freaking and Geeking

Stay tuned after the closing music for a stinger. It’s just like a Marvel movie, putting something cool after the credits to keep you in the theater longer and make it harder for the teenagers to sweep up the popcorn before the next showing.

All of this, the usual shenanigans and the proverbial much, much more.


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