Kray Z Comics and Stories 211: FallCon Exhaustion

We start with a news update on the Best Dressed Man In Comics competition.

We then get into talking about FallCon. Cory!! brought TONS of snacks and not ONE Person brought him pie. Joe even still has donuts from the convention, which he eats during the show. They also discuss:

  • Their set up for the show
  • The people who dropped by their table
  • Cory!!’s panic attack when it looked like his set-up for the Convention may not work
  • Cory!! made treats and while Jin got hooch, Joe didn’t get any of them
  • The stuff that Cory!! and Joe bought.
  • A new company “Future Dude” set up outside the convention and gave away comics. HEY KIDS!! FREE COMICS!!
  • Joe’s big magic box of comics!
  • Cory!! finally got his old leather jacket back, as well as the story of how he lost it
  • Cory!! has a hanging at the home story!
  • Freaking and Geeking
  • AND Jin is wrong and this is not a boring episode

All of this, some NEW shenanigans and much, much more. PLUS, stay tuned after the credits for a surprise!


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