Kray Z Comics and Stories 215: Reviews A Plenty O’Toole

We begin with Jin Wicked living up to her name and going FULL ON KRAY Z over an excursion to Joe’s favorite pizza place. It also shows why Cory!! stays home and reads comic books rather than having human contact. So, there’s that. They then get all caught up on comic reviews by going over:

Impure Blood Volume #1:

Impure Blood is a graphic novel told through a weekly updated web comic. The very first publication of the comic was through DC’s web imprint, Zuda, as an 8-page competition piece. The story begins with Roan, an enslaved gladiator. He jumps at a chance for freedom when a mysterious young woman appears at his cell. In the world outside the stadium, everyone has their own agenda, and Roan quickly finds out that the price for his liberty might be more than he is willing to pay.

Moon in the Trees

Moon in the Trees is a comic anthology, a selection of five short stories written by Ronald Montgomery and illustrated by a bevy of amazing artists, including James Giar, Tim Switalski, Wendell Cavalcanti, and Lars Kramhoft. This poignant collection sends you on a multi-genre story experience, delivering tales of the true nature of man’s best friend in the heat of battle, the vagaries of real life paralleled in cinema, and zombie infestations of the middle ages and 20th Century war.

Jin reviews the website for, even though we did not get to the comic itself.

Jin gives a solid primer on how to set up a web comic.

Cory reviews a pair of comics given to them at FallCon by

Joe reviews the Colonel Sanders comic book.

Freaking and Geeking

Jin refuses to plug her websites and use the code Xmas2015 and

All of this, more rants about pizza and the usual shenanigans. So listen already!


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