Kray Z Comics and Stories 217: Gateway Kray

As we start the Show, we have letters! That’s right, letters! YOU can send some as well, we like reading letters! It means there’s less time we have to fill with our our stuff. They then get into what Cory!! calls “Gateway comics.” You’d think this would lead to a discussion of such things, but instead it becomes a discussion on if there is such a thing as Gateway comics.

  • Cory!! and Joe correct an error they made a few episodes ago
  • Why doesn’t Jin read comics
  • The type of comics that people will report as their first comic
  • How Star Wars is pulling in new readers
  • How a retailer can use these Gateway Books to help bring readers to other comics
  • How Vertigo got people hooked on comics.
  • Jin gives some great webcomics suggestions
  • Cory!! discussing the difference between webcomics and Thrillbent comics
  • Jin schools Cory!! on webcomics collectives because he’s stupid
  • Comic creators recommending other comics
  • How webcomics cross-promote
  • Joe discusses Catholic Comics…and yes, Cory!! knows some of the artists who worked for the series from the 40’s and 50’s. It’s either something to admire or a damn sickness.
  • They talk Romance comics and Cory!! continues to show his hate for Vince Colletta. HE’S DEAD CORY!!, LET IT GO!
    Freaking and geeking

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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