Kray Z Comics and Stories 221: Holiday Geeking Part 1

This upcoming weekend is the Holiday Geek Expo and Cory!! and Joe will be appearing to record, meet people and generally see what the hell it is! We have Dangerous Dan Mohr on the show to explain what it is and Jin Wicked shows up to drink and spread the Christmas Sprint! They then discuss what sorts of Christmas gifts they want and what they think comics fans and creative people will want!

They also discuss:

Joe has a bunch of terrible jokes to use up before the end of the year
Jin still has vodka to drink!
What is the best gift for a retailer
What Cory!! wants for Christmas
What Jin wants for Christmas: Cash and Hooch and she plugs her Amazon Wish List
Gifts for artists
Gifts that make conventions easier for exhibitors.
Joe talks about ads from the back of comics
Cory!! talks about gifts for writers
Butch checks in
Another installment of “Ask The Strode”

Do we have freaking and geeking? NO! The show cuts off and we will have the second part later this week!


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