Kray Z Comics and Stories 223: Batman Part 1

It’s Batman! Bat-time! Dark Knight III #1 was dropped onto the market, and Joe and Cory!! talk about the comic itself, the variant covers and all of the hubbub about the book. This then leads to Cory!! and Joe talking abut the LONG history of Batman! There’s a whole lot of Batman this week!! They discuss the early Batman of the 40’s including the Batman serials.

  • They also discuss Cory!!’s new name
  • Driving in Minnesota snow and ice
  • Cory!! tells his story of his first trip to Houston and his encounter with Giant Levels Of Racism
  • Cory!! keeps pushing Festivus. Joe keeps crapping on it.
  • They discuss Seduction of the Innocent and Batman’s part in the book
  • A sidebar on the weirdness of early Wonder Woman stories.
  • They talk Batman in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and then…

WE END ON A CLIFFHANGER! Tune on later this week for the ending of Kray Z Comics and Stories: Batman!


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