Kray Z Comics and Stories 224: Batman Part 2

Joe and Cory!! went long on Monday, so they keep talking Batman from the 60’s up until now! They also discuss:

  • The effect of the Batman TV both when it helped the Batman comic and when it hurt the Batman comic
  • How DC revamped Batman in the 70’s with Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil and then again by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rodgers
  • The Batman sales slump in the 80’s
  • How Frank Miller Saved Batman
  • The death of Robin
  • The Batman movies
  • Joe pushed his eBay stuff and Joe his Giant Size Man Thing!
  • Cory!! doesn’t have a lot of freakings, but they are BIG ones!
  • Cory!! attempts to get rid of the Goody Two Shoes name.

You get freaking and geeking, all sorts of shenanigans, and much, much more!!


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