Kray Z Comics and Stories 46: Blazing Dinner Tables

With only a few shows left before the BIG REBOOT where DC cancels us and replaces us with younger hosts that don’t have a lot of past continuity, we start off with Joe talking about his trip through South Dakota. Since he was digging through bargain bins, we talk about 90’s comics that flooded the market, why some stories couldn’t be reprinted and the sad fact that the Crazy Monument STILL is not completed.

We then discuss the list of current late comics. I doubt you’ll remember most of them.

As they discuss dealing with low selling books and really late books in Joe’s old shop, we have Tales from the Shop, sponsored by Chris B! 

This discussion leads to what Joe is interested in that he saw in the new Previews. Cory talks a bit about his comics order, but gets into how he spent his weekend reading the hardcover reprint of the series “Blazing Combat”. He gives a quick history of the book and a review (spoiler, he loved it). Joe has been reading Knights of the Dinner Table, and does a nice introduction to the book for people who haven’t read it. Cory talks about his love for the FF, and why he thinks it’s one of Marvel’s best books.

All this and the proverbial much much more.


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