Kray Z Comics and Stories 239: No Chili for Kray

Cory!!: Hey, I have an idea for our topic this week. Since there are a lot of first issues coming out, how about we talk about what makes a good first issue. Story structure, themes introducing characters and the like. Joe, you can talk about first issues you’ve likes, Jin you can talk about how webstrips set up the type of stories and stuff they will tell.

Jin and Joe: Nah. How about we just tell goofy stories and crack wise whenever you try to get near a topic.

Cory!!: Dammit!

They also talk about:

  • Jin is painting rats and used to paint HER rats
  • Joe met with one of the people in charge of MSP Comic Con
  • Jin talks about her You Tube channel
  • Joe talks about his time on the cable access show Butz and Whitz
  • How Cory!! became the most hated comics fan in the Twin Cities
  • Joe discusses things left over from old episodes, and Cory!! tells the story of his Dark Knight statue
  • Jin tells framing stories
  • We answer Facebook and Twitter messages

All of this, more than the usual shenanigans and much, much more.  Oh, and Jin has new music.  Tell her you like it.


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