Kray Z Comics and Stories 241: Feels Like the First Issue

Cory!! and Joe review “The Wicked and the Divine Volume 3” and it leads to a discussion of first issues and starting stories and if it is even possible for people to pick up a story with anything other than the first issue or first trade paperback. They go into detail about how to make a story new reader friendly and hwo to bring readers into a new story. They also discuss a LOT of comic book related stuff such as:

  • They discuss the Captain America trailer and Spider-Man’s appearance in it
  • They talk about Batman vs Superman the week before it came out.
  • Cory!! discusses a novel that takes forever to get to the plot, so how you need to find the balance between too much exposition and too little
  • Cory!! gives his opinion on what the best “first story” in comics is. What is it? LISTEN TO THE EPISODE, WE’RE NOT GONNA SPOONFEED YOU EVERYTHING. DAMN!
  • Joe discusses his daughter and how her comics tastes have changed
  • Cory!! explains what a “Through character” is
  • Joe talks about what a comic can do to grab a reader outside of the story, like variant covers and the like.
  • Cory!! tells a “I once dated a woman who” story
  • Cory!! tells a Hanging at the Home story in which he talks abut his first group home shift EVER

We also discuss freaking and geeking, the usual shenanigans and, as always, much, much more!!


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