Kray Z Comics and Stories 242: Bring Out The Gimp.

Cory!! is sick, Joe is drunk and Jin is tired, so we’re not firing on all cylinders this week, but we soldier on! They do eventually get to talking comics as Cory!! goes over the highlights of Rebirth, and Cory!! and Joe discuss having returnable books help a comic shop or a publisher sell more comics.

  • The crew talks a bit about their various church experiences lately
  • Joe and Cory!!review the comic: Don’t Mess With US which is available via Kickstarter or here:
  • Jin has joined a CONSPIRACY!
  • Jin also appeared on Panel and Pizza, and you can listen to it here:
  • This also leads to a discussion on pizza…no rant this time, however, just a disagreements. And remember, Chicago Pizzas are the best. SUCK IT, NEW YORK!
  • Cory!! throws down about how Jin and Joe are trying to take over the show and he completely loses his crap over their coup d’etat.
  • The difference between returnable books and books that are overshipped
  • Joe talks about ideas he had for Hot Comics that he didn’t implement

Freaking and Geeking, sickness, shenanigans and much, much more!!


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