Kray Z Comics and Stories 244: Get This Back In Print!

Cory!! starts with an interview with the creator of The Lalas, a burleque group who is putting out a comic book based on the group. It’s available here:

And in the rest of the episode starts with a review of Through the Habitrails by Jeff Nicholson.  They then discuss comics from the past that SHOULD be reprinted that haven’t been printed in a while. They also discuss:

  • Jin gives a few suggestions for funny comics on the internet
  • Why the L’il Abner reprints are annoying for Joe and Cory!!
  • GREAT comic strip reprints
  • Joe and Jin fight over who can make the most background noise
  • Sad News goes over a BUNCH of comic cancellations
  • Marvel emptying the warehouses leads to a Tales From The Shop story from Joe
  • Jin announcing she is going to Jin, in much the same way that we will let Bartlett be Bartlett.

Freaking and Geeking, the usual shenanigans and the typical much, much more!


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