Kray Z Comics and Stories 245: Three Chains of Kray

It’s a different kind of episode as Joe and Cory!! talk more about their personal lives than what is going on in comics. Joe has had a death in the family, and a pair of celebrates have passed away, so they discuss Prince and Chyna with their connections to comics. It’s not ALL sad news (but there is some serious discussion here and not the normal ha-ha tickle party. They also discuss:

  • They review the first volume of Image Comics’s Paper Girls
  • We begin with an Ask The Strode
  • Cory!!’s opinion on the recent Stan Lee comic biography
  • Cory!! rants about addiction
  • How the Local Alternative paper has chosen the best Comic Shop in the Twin Cities
  • How to prepare your collection for your loved ones to take care of when you pass away

There’s also Freaking and Geeking and the proverbial much, much more!


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