Kray Z Comics and Stories 247: Kray Z For Ghoul Scouts!

We’ve got guests this week in a very special episode! Mark Stegbauer and Steve Bryant, creators of great comics like Ghoul Scouts, Dr Goyle, Athena Volataire and many other drop in to start us on the road to MSP ComiCon and Episode 250!

Mark and Steve talk about their upcoming comic Ghoul Scouts. They discuss their working styles, what they bring to the table, how they got together on it and how they chose Action Lab as their publisher They also join in with the usual shenanigans as we discuss that book, conventions and things like:

  • Mark tells stories of his early days at SpringCon, including stories of the soon to be demolished Thunderbird Hotel
  • They tell stories of when Curt Swan came to the Minnesota Conventions
  • Steve talks about a convention in Peoria, IL, Cory!!’s old stomping grounds
  • Tales of the REAL Chicago ComiCon
  • Odd commissions people have asked for over the years

All of this and much, much more!

Links for our guests:

Ghoul Scouts Fans

Steve Bryant’s stuff!

Mark Stegbauer’s stuff!



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