Kray Z Comics and Stories 253: Comics and Pizzas

Adam Vermillion of Panels and Pizza joins us to talk comics! His podcast is here!

We’ve all gotten together to talk about DC Rebirth and the new Captain America comics that created so much internet fervor! What worked, what didn’t, and did comic book fans over-react?


They also discuss:

  • They review more free comic book day books
  • Jin created the comics idea Strawberry Streetwalker
  • How was the DC Rebirth for a non-DC fan and an old school DC fan
  • What are the meta-textural implications of using the Watchmen characters
  • Cory!! explains the term meta-textural
  • They discuss how bringing back the legacy idea to the DC Universe helps readers care more about the books
  • Cory references Kasper the Dead Baby from Crazy Magazine
  • Comic book fans lose their minds over Captain America #1
  • Jin explains why she hates Star Wars
  • Jin and Adam attack Joe’s pizza premise

Freaking and Geeking, the proverbial Much, Much More and TONS o’ comic talk!!  It’s a Super Sized episode, so enjoy!!


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