Kray Z Comics and Stories 254: Is Kray In Canon?

What comics are in canon? What does canon mean and how important it is? Joe and Cory!! discuss what canon means, how it can be used well, and how much it should have to do with stories that are begin told in comics, movies, novels and the rest.

  • Joe gives way too much information on his colonoscopy. No. Really. Too. Much. Information.
  • Cory!! and Joe talk about summer conventions
  • Superman vs Mummed Ali and other treasury editions from the 70’s
  • Cory!! gives an explanation as to how he quit dating a woman who violated canon.
  • Cory!! discovered the idea of the Wold Newton family and how continuity screw ups felt to his when he was younger and how he feels about them now
  • How editors not paying attention caused DC to get all messed up
  • Joe and Cory!! disagree with Byrne’s Wonder Woman
  • Cory!! tells the story of the plot for the first Star Wars movie sequel
  • Continuing old TV series and such and how that leads to discussing the Corman Fantastic Four movie.

They also have Freaking and Geeking and the proverbial much, much more!


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