Kray Z Comics and Stories 260: Artists We Give Attention To!

This week, the crew talks about two artists they think should get more attention. This isn’t their FAVORITE artists, since we did that last year, it’s the artists who they like and think need more people buying their work


Pete Krause –

Tom Beland –


Sean Phillips –

David Aja –


Enzo Garza –

Jayro Lantigua –

ALSO, we talk about a bunch of other stuff!!

  • Cory!! works in three reviews that we have gotten behind on:
  • Double Down by Gwenda Bond
  • Bending Steel by Aldo J. Regalado
  • I.D by Emma Rios
  • Jin decided to speak as if she is in Texas due to the temps in Minnesota reaching Texas levels of heat and humidity
  • They talk a little about Tales from the Beanworld
  • They discuss the Frank Cho Wonder Woman controversy
  • How the bigger companies dropped most of their comics news the week before Sandy Eggo
  • A NEW Hangin’ at the home story

All of this, the usual shenanigans and the ever-present much, much more!

Upcoming convention appearances:


Blizzard World Minneapolis ComiCon Aug 6th 2016


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