Solitaire Rose Radio 62: Interview with Lance Ward

Cory!! sits down with Lance Ward, artist of books such as K-Mart Shoes and Adults Only. They discuss his journey toward being a comics artist, his inclusion in the most recent Best American Comics volume and a large number of self-published books. He discusses his struggles with mental illness, health issues and how he has been able to use his art to help others.

Lance Ward was a National editorial cartoonist for Crowded He is the author of such books as “KLONKO”, “One Day in 1978” and “Stovetop”, which was published by Creator’s Edge Press. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed “Kmart Shoes” which, for the time being, can be found for sale at or His cartoons have appeared in The Pulse magazine, the Cedar magazine and the City Pages. In 2011, he was featured artist for the “Just Add Ink” art show at Altered Esthetics Art Gallery. This is merely the tip of the mountain of accomplishments by the Great Lance Ward.

You can visit his webpage at

AND his work is available on Amazon here!



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