Kray Z Comics and Stories 56: Magically Collectable

It’s just a few days to Festivus, and while this is not the Airing of the Grievances, it IS a present for you, a NEW Episode!

We actually start with our sponsors, including what a great webhost Dreamhost is while explaining why last week’s

Joe is back from his one week training and has stories about his trip to Gathersburg Maryland starting with talking about the comic shop he found there….less then 2 blocks from his hotel. How did Cory!! take this to do quotes from Ed Woods movies? The man just can’t stay on focus. Ooooh…a squirrel! Anyway, they discuss some indy books as well as their theories as to how to display comics, alphabetical or by company.. Joe goes back to talking about the shop, fun things they had and what he actually bought.

Then, 32 minutes in, we get to the theme of the episode. Oh…wait, no we don’t. Cory talks a little about how the DC 52 are selling. THEN we get to the theme of the episode – Diversifying product in comic shops by selling things like card games and other fads!

They talk about Magic Cards, pogs, the history of Beyond Shinders, how Joe tried to get Joe hooked on silly fads. Joe has a lot of stories about the Magic Card crazy, Cory has stories about super-hero trading cards both from selling them and the silly ones Stan Lee used to do in the 70’s. They discuss how cards sold, the rise and fall as well as personal stories about selling these sorts of things. They also discuss the fad from the 90’s that they did NOT jump on despite it making a lot of money for McDonalds.

All of this and multiple cricket appearances, plus the usual shenanigans!


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