Kray Z Comics and Stories 57: Catchup Part 1

The show starts with Joe revealing a carefully guarded secret: Who is the Golden Age artist appearing at the SpringCon in St. Paul, MN! He probably wasn’t supposed to tell anyone, so expect to hear about him being smacked around in upcoming shows.

After a quick update on Cory’s job hunt and Joe’s illnesses, Joe talks about a road trip where he went to a bunch of comic shops between St. Paul and Madison, talking about some of his finds, food giveaways and bringing his daughter’s mound of things home from college. Joe also talks about how his daughter is hooked on Grant Morrison and they discuss his novel Supergods, the novelization of Final Crisis and how Joe NOW Understands Final Crisis.

There’s MORE, so listen and Joe and Cory!! get caught up after the holidays, check in with all of the sponsors and if you’re not careful, you may learn something before it’s all done!


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