Kray Z Comics and Stories 286: Kray-Devil

Joe has been banished from the show. BANISHED!!! For not liking Tim Horton’s and giving away keys to the Solitaire Rose Compound. So, while he’s off retrieving them, we have a special guest in his place: Adam Vermillion from Panels and Pizzas.

They talk about what Adam’s been up to and what it’s like doing a podcast with local Minnesota artists in person, since Cory!! never leaves the compound unless he’s getting paid for it.

Since Adam is on the show, they discuss his favorite comic book character, DareDevil! They talk about hwo Adam started reading the character, his highs and lows and runs of the series they they enjoyed and didn’t enjoy all that much. They also discuss:

  • Cory discusses the origins of Daredevil from the Pulps
  • The typical Marvel super-hero characterization of the 70’s and now
  • What comics did Stan Lee sign that he worked on in the 50’s
  • How Adam started reading comics
  • Cory!! still hates Transformers, even when Joe isn’t on the show
  • Cory!! and Adam bond over their love of Josie and Pussycats
  • They go over the first issues they’ve been reading lately

All of this, different shenanigans than you’re sued to and the proverbial much, much more!


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