Kray Z Comics and Stories 287: Tales From The Kray

Joe is back and he’s not apologetic…so will he stay on the show? WE’LL SEE!

We run an ad from a new sponsor!

No, not the World Wide News book you can get from for $10, but Hot Comics West and East from the 90’s!

Joe discusses advertising, and solicitation businesses get for ads and other things. Cory!! and Joe go over the ads he ran, different places he ran ads and how to bring in new customers to your comic shop. They also discuss some of the recent news about digital comics and raising prices at Marvel and DC. They also discuss:

  • Buying Back Issue Comics by the pound
  • Hulk Hogan selling comics?
  • Who are the people who walk the streets in suits selling stuff?
  • The easiest touch for sales
  • Cory!! looking for a job when he first got to Minneapolis
  • The Fuller Brush Man

All of this, the usual shenanigans and the proverbial much, much more!


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