Kray Z Comics and Stories 291: Image Turns 25

25 years ago, Image comics was born! Cory!! and Joe decide to talk about Imagine, going from where it came from, what the early days were like, how they sold in comic shops (and who they sold to) and how they were involved in the infamous boom of the 90’s! They also discuss the people involved at the beginning, when the company’s sales collapsed and how they dealt with in and how it became the company we know it as today.

  • Joe and Cory!! Review the graphic novel Control by Andy Diggle and Angela Cruickshank
  • Lot’s of stuff here! But, that’s not all, they also discuss:
  • A listener who got one of Joe’s (Joe did it, not Cory!!) obscure references a few episode ago
  • How the Chicago Comic Con went from the #2 convention in the US to an afterthought.
  • Burger King and Tim Horton’s bought Popeye’s chicken, which leads them to discuss fast foods that Joe has eaten and why Canada is mourning
  • The Story by Moench and Gulacy that Cory!! Referenced is in Eerie 109 – 111, reprinted in Eerie Archives Volume 23

All of this, the usual shenanigans and the proverbial much, much more!


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