Kray Z Comics and Stories 330: Marvel’s Got A Brand New Bag

Cory!! and Joe discuss the new editor in chief at Marvel C.B. Cebulsky. They discuss where he came from, his time at Marvel up to now and what it might mean for the publisher going forward. They also go into what they’d like to see from this editorial shakeup and how Marvel can bring back the sales they had a few years ago. The also discuss how DC should react to the changes at Marvel.

Then they discuss how Joe was the first comics deal in the Twin Cities to have a Black Friday sale. It was NOT appreciated by other comic shops. We also discuss what the shop would do to get ready for Christmas.

  • Marvel gearing up for the Black Panther movie
  • Why it’s a poor idea to kill off characters
  • DC and Marvel dumping hardcovers on the market
  • Why building to an event can drive sales when done right
  • And why people complain about too many crossovers
  • How our podcast is going to deal with the loss of Net Neutrality
  • Lord of the Rings news breaks!

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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