Kray Z Comics and Stories 331: Black Friday Runaround

It’s rare that Cory!! and Joe get a day off on the same day, but this year, they both had Black Friday off, so they drove around the Twin Cities hitting comics shops and buying stuff! So, they discuss the stores they stopped at and the comics they purchased! The shops they hit were:

  • Toyriffic is St Paul
  • Blue Sun Soda
  • Half Price Book and Magazine
  • Hot Comics New Hope
  • Heroic Goods and Games
  • College of Comic Book Knowledge
  • Hot Comics Richfield
  • Taco Bell. They had no comics at Taco Bell, oddly enough
  • Cedar Cliff Collectibles
  • And then back to Toyriffic

This also discuss:

  • Pancake flavored jelly beans actually exist. IT EXISTS!!
  • Omnibuseses!
  • Comics shop discount bins!
  • Female staff working in comic shops is becoming more prevalent.
  • How comic shops can be more welcoming
  • Are used video games a dying market?

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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