Kray Z Comics and Stories 346: Toys R Dead

It’s another catch up episode where Joe and Cory discuss the death of Toys R Us, and they also talk about the golden age of toy collecting in the 90’s. But that’s just PART of the discussion of comics and collecting this week. Joe and Cory!! talk about:

  • Cory and Joe discuss how many shows they have passed up and shows that they are gunning for. Gunsmoke, we’re looking at you!
  • Cory!! is losing his nerd cred
  • Joe and Cory!! tell stories of the FIRST MCBA convention.
  • They discuss the cool stuff they got on Box Day!
  • Cory!! has a lot of leftover exclamation points he needs to use up before they go bad!!
  • Magazine variant covers
  • Who the hell was Hillbilly Jim?
  • Why does Cory!! love vests?

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!!


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