Kray Z Comics and Stories 347: Vultures R Us

Even MORE news about Toys R Us going out of business has brought up a lot of memories for Joe. Not so much for Cory!! because he’s a no fun lousy rat bastard cleaner. Joe tells stories of his expeditions to Toys R Us when he owned a shop, including “toy raids” where he and other comic shop owners would show up to pick up the hot toys (mostly action figures) and different ricks they would use to make sure they had toys on the shelves. Including Scooby Doo!

The also discuss the stuff they are excited about in the current Previews as their orders are nearly due, and they go over the hardcovers and omnibusesesses they are ordering. They also discuss:

  • The toy hype for Phantom Menace
  • Cory!! and Joe discuss the “return” of Star Wars in the 90’s.
  • When the Warren Mags started to fall off a cliff in the late 1970’s
  • Why Dark Horse is collecting their Conan run into paperback omnibuses.
  • Cory!! and Joe have heat over the Marvel Character: One Above All
  • Why Cory!! named his son Michael
  • Why do they talk about this movie?
  • Joe goes over the comics he has been reading

Yes, we know it sounds like Cory went underwater during freaking and geeking. He was on a trip to Atlantis while recording. He hears people really Get Down there.


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