Kray Z Comics and Stories 378: Topicus Interruptus

Cory!! and Joe talk about the offer that Time Warner made to Marvel back in 1984. They wanted to put together a deal to license their characters from DC for Marvel to publish, and the plans moved forward until Marvel’s lawyers put the kibosh on it. They BEGIN to discuss this, but a big news story breaks while they are recording, and the topic shifts to the announcement that Roman Reigns will be fighting leukemia…

  • Joe wants to know what Cory!! will do if he won the MegaMillions lottery and Cory!! bores him with his answer
  • Why Joe and Cory!! couldn’t get 7-11 cups
  • Why was First Comics founded?
  • Why was Epic’s “Void Indigo” and the Marvel “Nightmare on Elm Street” magazine canceled after 2 issues?
  • Cory!! and Joe discuss the office politics at DC that made the Post-Crisis “universe” such a mess.
  • Joe starts to give his ideas for how to merge the Marvel and DC universes
  • The life of Bill Mantlo after comics

All of this, the usual shenanigans and much, much more!


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